Kyrgyz capital to mark the World Asthma Day

On May 3, the Kyrgyz capital will mark the World Asthma Day, as the President of the Kyrgyz Thoracic Society Professor Talant Sooronbaev has stated.

According to him, the republic experiences a significant increase in the incidence of bronchial asthma among children, adults and the elderly, a high percentage of disability, late diagnosis and late initiation of treatment, and poor control of disease among 94 percent of the examinees.

“Very often, patients receive wrong medication due to lack of awareness or lack of access to medicines. In 2011, the World Day against asthma is held under the motto “You can control asthma!” For the first time the campaign will involve a network of Asthma clubs and Asthma offices from all regions of the republic,” the statement reads.

It is noted that the medical institutions, NGOs, professional medical associations, doctors and patients will take part in the campaign. Its aims are to raise awareness of people about this disease, drawing public attention to the problems associated with asthma.

According to official statistics, today there are about 300 million people, who suffer from this disease. As noted by the World Health Organization, they expect another 25 percent increase of patients due to air pollution in 20 years. Every year the disease kills about 100,000 people.

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