Jakarta: Asthma Exercise Day

Kean Wong: Celebrations were in fulls swing in Jakarta, Indonesia to mark the 2008 World Asthma Day. The Indonesian Asthma Council held a massive exercise session, demonstrating moves specially tailored for asthma sufferers. Our Jakarta team brings us there. About 1000 people participated in the Indonesia asthma exercise at Ancol Carnaval Beach here in Jakarta. This one hour of exercise session is the last and biggest event for the city’s Asthma Day celebrations. This year’s theme was “You Can Control Your Asthma.” Doctors say that moderate amounts of exercise can help to control the condition and improve lung function. Jakarta’s deputy governor says these specially-tailored asthma exercises may be taught to government workers in the future. [Prijanto, Deputy Governor, Jakarta, Indonesia]: “It’s not impossible that we’ll bring this exercise to government offices.” According to the Indonesian Health Department, one in ten elementary school children has asthma. The country’s asthma council says they’ll continue to spread word of these special exercises along with other asthma care organizations. NTD, Jakarta, Indonesia.

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