Asthma inhalers set to change

From the website If you are one of the 5.2 million people with asthma in the UK you may want to join us live online Tuesday 1st May, World Asthma Day, at 14.00 as we speak to Dr Sarah Brewer who will answer all your asthma questions. Top of the agenda is the imminent withdrawal of some CFC-containing inhalers. Many people being treated for asthma will be affected when certain inhalers, containing environmentally harmful CFC gases, are removed from UK supply later this year. In an effort to keep people informed and streamline the transition to CFC-free inhalers, a new information website, is now available online. It may be surprising to learn that some asthma inhalers still contain CFCs, ozone depleting gases that have long been phased out from use in fridges and aerosols. Asthma inhalers, also known as puffers’, are the most common medication prescribed by doctors to help control asthma, however, in accordance with the Montreal Protocol international agreement, certain inhalers containing CFCs are to be phased out in an attempt to reduce the release of these chemicals into the atmosphere. There will also be plenty of advice for Mums and Dads on how the new inhalers will work for their kids and lots of general information about asthma so join us to find out more.

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